Action Fist


The bad guys have stolen your scarf, and now they'll pay for it...


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Action Fist is a classic platformer in which you control an intrepid adventurer whose favorite scarf has been stolen by the 'bad guys,' who have also kidnapped his girlfriend.

The gameplay is classic: you move in two dimensions, shoot with one button and jump with another. In addition, you can push off the walls to do double and triple jumps.

One of the video game's most interesting features is the possibility of having two people play at the same time. In this mode, each player manages one character, and both need to recover the protagonist's scarf.

Action Fist isn't particularly long, but it is very fun. You will find lots of different enemies, weapons, and power-ups that make the adventure quite varied and enjoyable. In addition, once the game is over, you have more characters to play.
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